[Photo by: Storybook Costmetics/Instagram]

Praise the makeup gods! Indie beauty brands are making their way into the likes of Sephora and Ulta, and we're so here for it.

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The latest company to find a place at one of these major beauty retailers is Storybook Cosmetics. Many have come to know and love the popular makeup company because of their incredible literary-themed products. From Beauty And The Beast-inspired brushes to a Harry Potter-inspired eyeshadow palette, we're completely obsessed with this indie makeup brand. 

In a post made by the company's Instagram, fans of Storybook Cosmetics will be able to purchase their products from Ulta online. Details are still a bit scarce in terms of dates, but you might want to start stacking up those Ulta reward points because you'll definitely want to be putting them toward some of these magical products. 

You can check out the official announcement below: 

Beauty lovers are sharing their excitement and pride for this much-needed collaboration.

Oh yeah, did we mention Ulta will allegedly be taking on ColourPop as well? For those of you who don't know, ColourPop sells super-affordable products that make our hearts swoon, and while neither company has confirmed the news, we would be completely OK with that addition to the shelves as well. 

Be sure to keep your eyes on Ulta's website because we know we definitely will be! 

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