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Stranger Things isn’t exactly remembered for its funnier moments. The Sci-fi horror show has been captivating audiences for years now. It’s three seasons have kept us on the edges of our seats. It does have its tension-breaking moments, however.

Well, now you can view the bloopers from all three of those seasons to satiate your appetite while we all wait for the far-out fourth season.

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Stranger Things is dark, It’s spooky and visually stunning. The finale of the third season left us all on a cliffhanger that we now have to wait over a year to recover from. So let’s just all sit back, relax, and watch some milk explode in Finn Wolfhard’s face. Check out all three season of bloopers below.

More Stranger Things

Nov. 6 was Stranger Things day and the writers for the show revealed the first episode title from the upcoming fourth season.

Every year on November 6, fans across the internet share content from the show to mark the day Will Byers disappeared in the show’s first season.

Amongst the fans sharing some of their favorite moments from the show, the writers revealed the first episode’s title on their official Twitter account. The show’s account itself has also confirmed it is real.

The show is still following their status quo of naming each episode a chapter with the latest being “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.” As to what that could mean, the writers teasing “new members” in their post could mean something.

What’s your favorite blooper from Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments below!

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