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We’re only a couple weeks away from the third season of Stranger Things making its Netflix debut.

It’s been a while since the second season — nearly two years, but who’s counting — so some fans might want to rewatch the episodes before the highly-anticipated season.

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Netflix knows this and wanted to remind fans that if they want to see every episode at a manageable pace before the season airs, they should start today.

Stranger Things Season 3 is only 17 days away so if you watch one episode per day, you’ll finish the same day new episodes drop,” the streaming company tweeted.

Honestly, it’s not a bad idea to get a refresher before we’re back in Hawkins dealing with a whole new set of problems.

Stranger Things season three hits Netflix July 4. You can watch the trailer below.

More Stranger Things news

The Stranger Things collaborations are seemingly never-ending, with the Netflix show working with H&M, Nike and now apparently Burger King on products to promote the third season.

However, it’s hitting the fast-food industry in a way that’s a little bit turned on its head.

Stranger Things has teamed up with Burger King to serve Whoppers in its ‘80s style packaging and will dub it the “Upside-Down Whopper.” And, oh yeah, they’re actually selling it turned upside down.

The restaurant also changed their Twitter name to “Stranger King” and their avi to be of an upside-down sandwich.

Along with the promotion, Burger King is running a sweepstakes in partnership with Coca Cola where winners might receive $25,000, a new car or trips.

The upside-down burgers will start being sold at Burger King locations on June 21.

How excited are you for season 3? Sound off in the comments down below!

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