[Photo by: Netflix]

There’s no denying the magic that is Stranger Things—the cast’s chemistry, the tie-ins and the seriously amazing memes that have come from it all.

However, there is one Easter egg that we didn’t even realize until now—and it makes our heart break just a little bit.

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In Season 2, you may or may not have noticed Hopper wearing a blue bracelet. Actor David Harbour confirmed that it had a connection to the first season if fans could figure it out—and it looks like they did.

Taking it back to the first season, you’ll remember Hopper’s flashback to his daughter, Sara, who sadly passed away. In the first scene where we’re introduced to Sara, she has blue hair ties in her hair. However, when her hair is removed during chemotherapy, she is wearing the blue hair tie as a bracelet.

However, that's not the last we see of the blue hair tie. It has importance in the second season, too. For, we see it again on Eleven in the Season 2 finale. The significance? Hopper has taken in Eleven seemingly as his own daughter, marking the significance of the blue hair tie in correspondence with his love for his daughters.

Equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming, right?

We can’t wait to see what other Easter eggs the Duffer brothers have left us to discover.

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