‘Stranger Things’ star Finn Wolfhard asks fans to stop harassing cast

November 9, 2017
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[Photo by: Netflix]

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler in the series, has taken to Twitter to ask “fans” to stop harassing his friends and co-workers.

“Anyone who calls themselves a ‘fan’ and actively goes after someone for literally acting and doing their job is ridiculous,” Wolfhard writes.

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This builds on the larger dialogue surrounding the show and its stars—who happen to be children and simply doing their job.

This follows the events that conspired on social media earlier this week, with actress Shannon Purser (aka Barb) defending Wolfhard after he received criticism after failing to meet fans outside his hotel.

“From one big sister to the world, don't you DARE make young actors feel guilty or indebted to you because they couldn't say hi,” she says.

Not to mention, Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner shared a similar message: “Damn… seeing fully grown adults wait outside the Stranger Things kids’ hotels etc, and then abuse them when they don’t stop for them is super weird… A. What adult in their right mind waits for a CHILD outside their hotel and B is then is offended when the CHILD doesn’t stop.”

This concept is not only for child actors from our favorite show, but it applies to our favorite musicians, too. No matter the age or level of fame, at the end of the day, they’re people just like us.

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Written by Maggie Dickman