[Photo by: Netflix/YouTube]

Friday the 13th is only the best day for Stranger Things to release the final trailer for the second season, and if we weren’t already stoked to see season 2, then we’re here for it now.

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They’ve given us plenty of hints as to what to expect, with the thrilling series releasing the episode titles in mysterious teasers that have us already predicting what each episode may mean… 

The trailer kicks off with a shot of Eleven retrieving the waffles left for her in the woods, and it quickly turns into a thrilling trailer proving that the supernatural activity will be in abundance the second go around.

We see the shadow monster from Will’s visions make an appearance, and Winona Ryder’s Joyce still wanting to know what’s going on with her son.

Not to mention, the show has been hinting that they'll be paying homage to plenty of horror classics including JawsAlien and A Nightmare on Elm Street from their recent promo posters for season two, getting us even more excited.

From the creepy masks to the nail-covered baseball bat, we’re ready to see all the action come to life on the season 2 premiere Oct. 27.

Watch the trailer below:

And let’s just say, people are as excited for the show's return as we are:

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