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When Shannon Purser's Barb graced our screens in the first season of Netflix's hit show, Stranger Things, fans around the world were immediately taken by Purser's character. While her time on the show was short lived—a fact that some fans still aren't over—her legacy lives on in more ways than one… including a Starbucks cup. 

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For fans of the show, you might recall Barb as Nancy's best friend who gave the best advice regarding the woes of high school. At a party with Nancy, Barb (who already didn't want to be there), cuts her hand trying to open a can of beer that results in her attracting a Demogorgon with her bloody hand that (spoiler alert) takes her to the Upside Down and kills her.

Of course, many fans feel like this fate was completely uncalled for and have stated that Barb deserved better. 

Barb's death may have happened in the first season of the show, but that hasn't stopped fans from talking about it and showing their support of the character through social media posts and now through Starbucks cups. 

The Stranger Things star was in a branch of Starbucks, received a surprising message on her coffee cup: “Barb deserved better.” Taking to Twitter, she shared a picture of her cup, thanking fans for the continued support of Barb's character. 

In a response to Purser's tweet, the mysterious barista replied with her thanks to the Stranger Thing's star with a simple “Ur welcome.”

The Twitter user, Gail, also posted a tweet during Purser's visit:

Stranger Things season 2's Bob also got pulled into the discussion, with one fan misreading the original tweet and agreeing that Bob also deserved better. While that wasn't the original idea of the exchange, Purser couldn't agree more.

With the sweet exchange, we can't help but to agree that Barb deserved better. 

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