Each of the ‘Stranger Things’ characters now have a playlist on Spotify

October 27, 2017
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[Photo by: Spotify

Stranger Things season two is coming tomorrow and ahead of the premiere, Spotify has teamed up with the paranormal Netflix original to bring you specialised playlists for each of the main 13 characters (including new members Billy and Mad Max!). 

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Each playlist is character specific and includes songs that match up with their traits, not to mention great titles like 'Eleven's Breakfast Jams.' The playlists are interactive and even include a little clip of the character before their individual page opens. If that's not enough, when you share your chosen playlist on social media you can rotate the post to become trapped in the Upside Down. 

You can get started with all the fun here, and don't worry about having to choose which character's list to play first. Spotify will match you with the character that your music listening taste best embodies. The playlists are great for different moods too, whether it be 'Nancy's Slaylist' with fierce song to “fuel [your] fire when setting bear traps and slinging guns,” or 'Mike's Bassment Beats' for “bass-heavy synth-pop to power a 5-hour D&D sesh.” 

stranger things spotify eleven
stranger things spotify joyce
spotify stranger things mike
[Photos by: Spotify

You can view the full list of characters and their playlists below:
1. Eleven's Breakfast Jams
2. Mike's Bassment Beats
3. Will's Castle Byers Classics
4. Dustin's Curiosity Door Jams
5. Lucas' Bike-Around Tracks
6. Joyce's Halloween House 
7. Hopper's Nighttime Drive 
8. Nancy's Slaylist
9. Jonathan's Outsider Looking In
10. Steve's Morning Hair Grooves
11. Billy's Pedal To The Metal
12. Mad Max's Sk8 Sessions 
13. Demogorgon's Upside Downers

Which character's playlist did you get? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Kaitlyn Ulrich