[Photo by: Anastasia White/Facebook]

Everyone has likely felt judged for a fashion choice, especially those who choose to do so in an alternative way. We dress the way we do based on what we love and what makes us feel like “us,” but sometimes that can lead to criticism and, for 18-year-old Anastasia White, she was called to the office and criticized for her goth fashion choices.

She returned to high school to finish up her degree so she can get into college after sadly having to quit school two years ago because of the incessant bullying.

“I was in English, and they called me down and were like, ‘Your makeup is a distraction to the school. I've been getting many calls and complaints about it scaring others. You can't make yourself look that pale anymore,’” White tells AP.

Read her Facebook post in full below, which has been steadily getting shared since it was posted yesterday:

Today at Laurel Highlands the principles called me in to tell me the way I dressed and looked was too distracting & scary which I think is discrimination because I get it if I was dressed like a slut but all I'm doing is existing and simply expressing myself through my clothing. This is exactly the reason why immature kids get away with bullying. I'm nice to everyone and just because I'm not a copy like everyone else there doesn't mean I should be forced to hide who I am. I came back to get my diploma so I can continue my life into college .I always make sure my body is completely covered and appropriate there's nothing in the rules that state I can't look the way I do. If you teach your children to be afraid of people just because they look different Than you you're a horrible person . This school is an absolute joke.

White explains that she is the only goth out of a 'thousand other students' in her high school. What’s even more heartbreaking is that White was following the rules—her body was completely covered and she was wearing dresscode-approved attire. However, it's sadly a truth that is all too common. People who dress outside the “norm” are judged harshly and bullied senselessly for something that makes a person feel like themselves.

But she has a message of hope for anyone who might be dealing with a similar situation. It’s hard to be the only one who listens to different music, wears different clothes or expresses themselves than everyone else. But White encourages anyone who feels disheartened to have confidence and do what makes you happy—and not to let anyone’s judgement tear you down.

“Honestly, just have confidence and do not be afraid to look how they want,” White explains. “There's always going to be someone judging you and wanting to make you unhappy, but you just have to push past the immaturity and do what's best for you. No school system or society should stand in the way of your happiness.”

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