[Photo by: Moren Hsu/Unsplash]

Lockers are one of those things that everyone who's been in high school has a fond memory of. For many of us, going to our locker gave us a chance to interact with friends inbetween classes—and let's not forget about some of the awesome locker decorations. (And pages of AP we had tacked on the inside!)

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Despite the nostalgia that lockers bring to most of us, high schoolers nowadays just can't relate. According to The Washington Post, most kids today don't even look at their lockers, which is causing some schools to rethink the need to even have them in the school. 

Why aren't students using their lockers? 

One of the biggest reasonings is that students now want everything with them at all times. Instead of swapping out their textbooks and other class specific necessities, students are opting to carry it all with them. While carrying everything with them may seem a little crazy—especially because textbooks can be heavy—most students rationalize this as they just don't have the time to stop. 

Other reasonings for the lack of locker use include the rise of digital text books and the plain reality that most of the high school experience is changing. Due to this, some schools are rethinking the need of even needing lockers in schools and most have started to brainstorm alternatives to lockers. 

While students may not be using their lockers anymore, we can't help but to think of all the super fun locker moments they could be missing out on…like trying to remember their combinations (while consequently being late to class because they couldn't) or sharing a locker with a messy locker mate. Ahhh the memories. 

As more students are opting to not use their lockers anymore, we can't help but feel a little nostalgic. 

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