If you’re a fan of Bring Me The Horizon, would you consider yourself a little neurotic? Maybe not-so-conscientious?

Well, according to a study by researchers at Stanford University and Cambridge University, they’re thinking that could be the case—and it’s totally based off your Facebook “Likes.”

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The study, which was actually conducted in 2015, assessed people’s personality based on the pages they “Like” on Facebook, thinking it could judge a person’s “openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.”

The study was unearthed as a result of the Cambridge Analytica controversy that reveals how the political data firm—which Donald Trump hired during the 2016 election—collected private information from over 50 million Facebook users without their permission. Cambridge Analytica reportedly adapted its approach to personality modeling based on said study.

As The New York Times reports, the Cambridge Analytica collected data to “build its own behavioral models to target potential voters in various political campaigns” and used algorithms to predict your political views based off the pages you “Like”… Yeah, even BMTH.

But the findings have us really wondering… Are they right? The Stanford and Cambridge study found that people who are least conscientious happen to be into Bring Me The Horizon, Escape The Fate, Adventure Time and Minecraft.

Oh, and if you’re into Bring Me The Horizon, Escape The Fate, Marilyn Manson and the Smiths, you’re likely most neurotic. And if you’re a fan of Manson or Judas Priest, you’re likely less agreeable than most.

No worries, Relient K fans: You’re most likely agreeable. (Which we can’t totally disagree with…)

While we feel a bit targeted, we also can’t totally deny being a little neurotic or less agreeable in certain situations—especially if it comes to BMTH concert tickets, right?

Whatever you think, Facebook.

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