Sugar Ray mark mcgrath
[Photo by: Justin Higuchi]

Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath is one of the countless celebrities to use Cameo, a site dedicated to allowing fans to buy customized videos from celebs, and one woman hired McGrath for a brutal purpose.

Breaking up with someone is never easy, but this woman went a super harsh route by hiring McGrath to break up with her boyfriend for her.

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The woman in question hired McGrath to break up with her long-distance boyfriend because it was becoming difficult to keep things working but wished him well as he works on a thesis project.

McGrath does his best to share positive thoughts with the guy even if some of the comments, like how he and his wife make long-distance work, come across as a bit insensitive to what the video is being made for.

You can watch the absolutely brutal video in the player below.

People have been sharing some wild reactions to the video as it continues to circulate around social media. Take a look below for some of the best comments.

What do you think of Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath being hired by a woman to break up with her boyfriend for her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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