Suicide Silence has been teasing us with details about their new album for a few months now, but we now know the track listing and the release date for the band's fifth studio album.

Suicide Silence will be released on Feb. 24 via Nuclear Blast.

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Suicide Silence's last album You Can't Stop Me was released in 2014, but it's looking as if this new album will have a different sound. Vocalist Eddie Herminda told Alt Press, “We decided as a band to do something way outside the spectrum of what Suicide Silence has done in past. We wanted to maintain a heavy sound while exploring our love of music, and what came out surprised us 100 percent.”

We've only gotten peeks at what the new album might sound like from a live performance at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest where they performed “Doris” Check it out below..

The band also released what the album artwork for this anticipated album will look like.

Check out the track listing below.

Track Listing:

01. “Doris”
02. “Silence”
03. “Listen”
04. “Dying in a Red Room”
05. “Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down”
06. “Run”
07. “The Zero”
08. “Conformity”
09. “Don’t Be Careful, You Might Hurt Yourself”

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