Suicide Silence, Atreyu, and a ton of other bands have been added to Glenn Danzig's Blackest Of The Black festival.

Danzig and Ministry were announced as part of the festival last week. Now, the rest of the lineup has been confirmed—including the forenamed bands and a dozen others. (via Loudwire)

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Blackest Of The Black goes down May 26 and May 27 in Silverado, CA. According to Blabbermouth, Danzig told Full Metal Jackie of KLOS radio's Whiplash show that the festival will have more than just music:

“It's not just bands. You're gonna get a ton of other stuff. There's gonna be rides. I got to pick the rides. We're gonna have Hell Hole, we're gonna have Spider. There's gonna be camping overnight if you stay from Friday to Saturday. The plan is to have a haunted drive-in with tombstones. You can just put your sleeping bag there and watch schlocky horror movies until you pass out. It's gonna be a whole thing.”

Want tickets now? Well, the presale password is “BLACKEST.” So act fast!

Anybody remember when Danzig was on Aqua Teen?

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CORRECTION: This article originally listed Fear Factory as being a part of the Blackest Of The Black festival. Fear Factory will not be playing—this information was incorrect and we apologize for any inconvenience.