One of AP's most anticipated releases of 2017, Suicide Silence's self-titled album is here. To celebrate, the band released a new video for “Dying in a Red Room.” 

Check out both the album and video below.

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Vocalist Eddie Hermida told AltPress, “We decided as a band to do something way outside the spectrum of what Suicide Silence has done in past. We wanted to maintain a heavy sound while exploring our love of music, and what came out surprised us 100 percent.”

Suicide Silence debuted the video on Billboard.

On the song, Hermida says, “That riff was spewed out and stuck. We started jamming it, and that song was done quick and natural. We wanted that song to be very fluid. It's meant to be a love song to the ghosts we carry around with us. To never be afraid to be yourself or listen to your heart. In a way, that is always what this band has wanted to represent: fearlessness.”

Hermida also talked about fans' reception to the new song.

“I have found that with negative critics online, the best response is 'thanks.' I am grateful to even be mentioned in any kind of way by anyone,” Hermida says. “It means I pressed a button. It means I did my job as an artist. Complacency is death.”

Suicide Silence are touring with Plague Vendor and Cameron Argon to support the new album.