Suicide Silence members Herman ‘Eddie’ Hermida and Mark Heylmun recently spoke with Metal Hammer on how making money is not the reason they’re in a band. “If people want to listen to the stuff you put out, YouTube does a really good job of keeping counts,” Eddie, SS’s frontman, states. “And if you get enough people to watch your stuff, YouTube might want to give you some cash, but that's not why you make it to begin with. And if you are making music for that reason, then you're a fucking idiot.”

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“What are you so mad about? Write a better record and maybe people will buy it,” adds Heylmun candidly. “Listen to it on YouTube if you can’t afford it and if you can afford it, go support it.” 

“Let those idiots who are trying to fucking squeeze every penny out of an art die,” concludes Hermida.

Suicide Silence released their most recent studio album, You Can’t Stop Me, in 2014. The LP was the first to feature Hermida, who serves as the replacement for the late Mitch Lucker.