Last week, after being hospitalized for a month due to kidney and liver failure, Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley was spotted leaving the hospital and looking shockingly frail. Whibley had earlier notified fans of his chronic alcohol problem, stating, “If I have one drink, the docs say I will die.”

Now, Whibley has released a new update on his official website, along with a new picture (where his condition looks to have improved to some degree). Check out the update from Whibley below:

“Hey everyone, i just wanted to thank you all so much for sending gifts and all of the compassion and support you have shown me. it really means a lot to me in this time of recovery. i will be better soon and back out on stage before you know it.

See you all soon, Deryck Whibley”

Check out an earlier photo of Whibley below: