super moon
[Photo via Unsplash]

Hey space heads, make sure to take a look outside tonight to see a “super blood wolf moon.”

The last total lunar eclipse of the decade is occurring Sunday, and it’ll be pretty awesome.

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The moon will appear 13 percent larger, 16 percent brighter and much more red than usual. Because it occurs in January, it will be known as a “wolf Moon” according to Native American astronomy.

Here’s how it will go down. The entire ordeal lasts about 3 and a half hours. At 10:30 EST, the Earth’s shadow will be first visible on the moon. The last bit of shadow will leave right before 2 a.m. It will be in “totality,” or totally dark for a little over an hour. The maximum eclipse with the most dramatic color is at about 12:12 a.m. EST.

The cosmic event can be seen in North America, South America, Greenland, Iceland and parts of Europe and Africa. Most of Asia, Australia and New Zealand will be unable to see it.

In case you’re area is experiencing storms or cloudy skies, you can watch the whole thing here and it’s sure to be pretty amazing.

Besides this being the only eclipse of the year, there will be two more supermoons on February 19 and March 21.

It will definitely be worth staying up to see, so brace the cold and make sure to check the sky tonight to see the trippy phenomenon.

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