Ozzy Osbourne
[Photo by: Sam Taylor-Johnson]

Fans will soon be able to collect some of their favorite bands and artists in action figure form, all thanks to Super7.

Iconic metal and rock acts such as Ozzy Osbourne, Ghost, Megadeth and more made their debut in Super7’s “ReAction Figure” form at this year’s Toy Fair in New York.

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Super7 started as a magazine about vintage Japanese toys back in 2001, but has since built on its increasing success to open stores selling shirts, action figures, posters, books, and more.

In 2013 the company launched their retro action figure project, or ReAction Figures, at San Diego Comic-Con. Their debut of the canceled line of Alien figures from 1979 was a massive success which soon lead them to team up with Funko to increase their reach and meet demands.

Fast forward to the massive success that Super7 is today. You can find an action figure for just about every fandom out there, including you metalheads.

The North American International Toy Fair has kicked off in New York, revealing a sneak peek at upcoming ReAction Figures we can expect to see this year.

Included in the new wave of action figures are Ozzy Osbourne, Ghost, Megadeth, and Motorhead.

Super7 took to Instagram to reveal the cardbacks to the action figures being revealed this weekend, in which you can catch a glimpse of these metal rocker cards in the upper right corner.

While Super7 have not yet revealed what the actual figures look like, The Toyark came in clutch with a few photos of these bad boys which you can view here.

This isn’t the first time Super7 have taken a dive into the music scene. Currently you can snag Misfits, Iron Maiden, and Slayer figures on their website!

Will you be collecting any of these ReAction Figures? Who else would you like to see as an action figure? Sound off in the comments below!

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