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We’ve got some bad news Supernatural fans, the CW’s longest running show is going be a lot shorter than we’re used to.

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In a new report from TVLine, it has been confirmed that the forthcoming season will air only 20 episodes, which is three episodes less than the show’s normal 23-episode run.

Since season seven, Supernatural has run for a total of 23 episodes, with the seasons prior – besides the third – ran for 22. With such a cut, we’re curious to see how much trouble the Winchester brothers can get into.

The 20-episode order for season 14 means that this upcoming season will be the shortest of the series in a decade, and the second shortest season in the show’s entire history.

It’s unclear as to why the CW has decided to cut the show down a few episodes. While we’re devastated that the show won’t have the normal amount of episodes, that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited about season 14.

Details of the upcoming season have been pretty quiet, but we do know that one of the show’s stars will be creating some mayhem in the new season. It was previously reported that Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on the show, would finally be playing a new character on the show, something that fans haven’t got to see from the actor in the show’s monstrous 13 seasons.

Our questions of who Ackles would be playing were answered during the show’s season 13 finale—before we continue, if you haven’t watched and don’t mind spoilers (we assume you don’t if you’ve clicked this), then please proceed. Dean finally accepted his fate of being Michael’s vessel, something that has been years in the making for Supernatural fans.

As many fans know, Dean was destined to be Michael’s vessel from the show’s fifth season, where it was revealed that both Winchester brothers were both predestined to be the vessels of Michael and Lucifer. While Sam accepted the fate a lot sooner than Dean, it appears that the show’s forthcoming season will have the eldest brother tackle his destiny and we couldn’t be more excited.

While we’re not exactly sure what this means for the older Winchester brother, we’re pretty stoked to see what chaos will be caused from his decision (because, you know, there’s always chaos with the brothers.)

Be sure to catch Supernatural when it returns to the CW on Oct. 11!

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