Sometimes we can see some pretty dedicated fans, but we think one of the most dedicated is the Slayer fan who swam back to the show after getting kicked out.

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Last month, we reported that a metal fan had swum back to an island-centric venue after getting kicked out for unknown reasons, just to see Slayer during their final world tour.

While the dedication was there, the fan, who we now know is named Chris, wasn’t able to see the band. Because of the risk of hypothermia, he was immediately taken to EMT services and therefore, wasn’t able to see the show.

Due to this, a petition was made for Chris to see the band at one of the other stops of their final world tour.

At the time this article was written, the petition gained 245 signatures. While we’re not entirely sure what the signatures will do for the fan, we’re glad to see that people want to come together to let this fan see one of his favorite bands one last time.

Of the petition, the page says:

Chris paid to see the farewell tour of his favorite bands just to be thrown out and make headlines for his brave attempt to see his heroes perform live.

Though he has been acknowledged in all sorts of media outlets around the world. He still has remained denied opportunity to watch them perform live.

Help get this man into seeing Slayer and Anthrax!

You can sign the petition here!

Last month, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian posted pictures of the fan onto his Instagram, commenting: “Fan of the tour. He got kicked out and tried to swim back in. Swipe left! #commitment #allin#hypothermia.

Check out the photo set below:

You can grab tickets for Slayer’s final world tour (with Anthrax, Behemoth, Lamb Of God or Testament) here.