Following the tragic death of their guitarist Tom Searle, Architects will invite friend and Sylosis frontman Josh Middleton to fill in on guitar during their upcoming UK and European tour.

Sylosis issued a statement earlier today informing fans about their temporary break, but ensured them that they “will be back with a new record in the future.” You can read their statement below:

We wish to inform our fans that Sylosis will be taking a temporary hiatus. Most will know that Josh is close friends with Architects and he will be helping out with guitar duties for their upcoming tours on the 'All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us' cycle.
With respect to Sylosis fans, the band has decided to take some time off to allow Josh to focus on these commitments.

Rest assured, Sylosis will be back with a new record in the future but for now we hope we have your understanding and we'll see you all soon!


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Tom Searle, the lead guitarist and brother of Architects drummer Dan Searle, died in August after losing his battle with cancer. Dan reached out to fans over the weekend on Instagram, asking for understanding when dealing with discussion of his brother during the rough time. His emotional statement can be read below.


It's hard to get my head around how much has happened since this photo was taken. In this moment Tom's illness was very much at bay and the band had reached a level that we'd never even dreamt of. It felt like we had everything we'd ever wanted and more. It's frightening how quickly your entire life can get turned upside down. Shortly after this night in London, everything associated with the band faded into the background and Tom's wellbeing became the only thing that mattered. I remember bumping into someone that I went to school with at a pub in Brighton around 6 months before this show. He was never a friend of mine but I knew of him well enough to engage in a conversation. He hadn't had the same fortune as me in my life and he had caught wind of the bands moderate success. He told me to enjoy it while it lasted because 'you never know when it could end'. I dismissed his comments as bitter but perhaps there is more truth to what he said than I cared to admit at the time. Although the band isn't over at this point, this chapter of the band is. I'm hellbent on keeping Tom's legacy alive and moving this band forward, I want to do it for him, I want to do him proud and I can think of no greater inspiration. Everyday is a challenge and I miss him intensely. I'm still trying to figure out exactly where to go from here. My perspective on life has been shattered and I'm still picking up the pieces. I do know that I'm grateful for what we've built and I'm grateful for my family and friends. Playing shows again has felt good and I am genuinely so excited to start our next tour. I've had many people want to speak to me about Tom, and understandably so, but I've felt very self conscious of how I behave during those conversations. If I broke down in tears every time the topic was broached I'd be dangerously dehydrated and emotionally fraught, so if I seem cold on the subject please understand that it's hard for me to repeatedly open up those wounds. UK and Europe, see you all soon x

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Architects will kick off the UK and European portion of their world tour in support of their latest release, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us on October 15 in Paris, France.