Over the weekend, System Of A Down performed an eclectic set of fan-favorites to a massive crowd at Riot Fest Chicago. The immense mass of people, however, proved detrimental to a select few. The band stopped playing multiple times in order for injured fans to be removed from danger and receive medical attention.

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Steve Schneider, an aspiring pro wrestler who was in attendance during the band’s performance, was knocked to the ground and nearly trampled by fans. “I fell over during System Of A down, then someone fell on top of me so I couldn’t breathe,” he said in an exclusive statement to Wrestle Zone. “Then once they got up, someone else fell on top of me. It was never ending. At one point I had someone on top of my back, and someone either sitting or standing on my head, pushing my face down into mud. I couldn’t breathe the entire time, but then any breath I could take I was close to inhaling muddy water. It was the scariest thing in my entire life ‘cause I had no idea how long I’d be trapped for. Apparently System of a Down had to stop playing so paramedics could get me out, I was unconscious at that point, so I have no memory of it. Both of my eyes are blood red from passing out due to lack of air, someone crushing my head [and] screaming for my life.”

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A fan-shot video of the commotion can be seen below.