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Taco Bell back-to-school merch collection features glasses, pencils, more

You will be so on-brand on your first day back.

August 20, 2019
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If you thought Taco Bell peaked at the merch game with their summer-themed hotel and hot sauce pool floats, you were severely wrong.

The beloved fast-food restaurant is hitting back-to-school season in full-force with a line of taco-themed products. 

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The collection just launched Monday and includes t-shirts, backpacks, school supplies and even glasses. The glasses aren’t prescription, but protect your eyes from the blue light of screens while you look fashionable. Also, Taco Bell is selling a fire sauce packet-shaped portable charger and a hot sauce USB too. 

The list of items available is seemingly endless, with prices ranging from about $5-$85. You can see a screenshot of each product below and shop here.

Grab your taco backpack and pencils, because school is almost back in session. 

More Taco Bell news

Summer may be coming to an end, but Taco Bell isn’t letting it go out without a bang. The fast-food chain just announced a brand new drink–the Cherry Sunset Freeze. The drink appears to be replacing the Watermelon Freeze.

If you were excited about sweater weather, colorful leaves gently floating to the ground, and pumpkin spice everything, just hold off. Put the Halloween decorations back in the closet and bust out the swim trunks for one last hurrah.

The Cherry Sunset Freeze is a pineapple slushie with swirls of cherry therein. The Cherry Sunset Freeze is available for a limited time. In the item description on the Taco Bell website, Taco Bell has charmingly posted a letter addressed to a “Dear You” describing an encounter at the beach.

“It was a sparkling summer day. I had just spread my towel out on the hot sand when I saw you standing at the ocean’s edge.” The ode begins. “I watched as you gazed at the horizon and was taken aback by the beauty of the scene—you, the wide-open sky before us, sunlight glimmering on the crest of every wave. And then…all of a sudden, you were gone.”

The letter appears to personify a season (summer) and a feeling, into a beautiful woman drinking this Cherry Sunset Freeze on the beach. Even the name of the drink itself is paying homage to the end of summer with the word sunset.

“I approached with caution. You were like a mermaid to me—a fantasy capable of slipping away at any time. I tapped you lightly on your perfectly bronzed shoulder.” The letter continues. “You turned to me and I struggled to find my words, but alas I spoke: “Excuse me, miss, is that the Cherry Sunset Freeze, available now, only at Taco Bell?” to which you replied, “Uh, yeah,” and walked away from me faster than a hurried hermit crab evading the grasp of a curious toddler.”

The creative people at Taco Bell sure know what they’re doing. Anyway, the Cherry Sunset Freeze is available at Taco Bell until summer bids us its last farewell. Go get one and let us know what you think.

What do you think of Taco Bell selling school supplies? Sound off in the comments down below!

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Written by Alex Darus