[Photo by: Instagram | @outhereflourishing]

We’d love to step inside Taco Bell’s test kitchen—or at least try out their newest burrito that’s loaded with spicy pop rocks.

Yep, you read that right! As Cosmopolitan explains it, they’re like “Tabasco-infused Pop Rocks,” and that couldn’t make us more excited.

See what they look like below!

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According to an Instagram post about Taco Bell’s latest offering, the “Firecracker Burrito” is a test item, filled wit thrice, cheese, beef and red tortilla strips—and, for an additional 20 cents, the amazing spicy pop rocks!

According to Foodbeast, it’s currently being tested in the Orange County, CA area and they’ll be on sale until Aug. 16, for those who will be lucky enough to give this popping burrito a try.

But be warned: They also say that adding too many of the sweet-spicy candies makes the burrito too sweet, which they say is “not a pleasant feeling.”

Would you be willing to give spicy pop rocks a go? Let us know in the comments below!