Take a look at two of Dee Dee Ramone’s unusual punk rock paintings

December 15, 2014
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In light of the Dee Dee Ramone Exhibition coming to New York for the first time, The Daily Beast gathered two photos of Dee Dee's unusual punk rock paintings in a tour of the exhibit. You can check out both pieces below. Be sure to let us know your thoughts!

An excerpt from The Daily Beast's piece reads:

But it’s Ramone’s paintings that dominate the space. They’re both playful and gory, sharp and primitivistic; most are cartoonish. Like the Ramones’ music, they were made without formal training. Instead, they’re pure id. As “Rockaway Beach,” “Blitzkrieg Bop,” “I Wanna Be Sedated” and other Ramones classics play on shuffle throughout the gallery, the paintings become a kind of visual translation: punchy, loud, absurd, and often hilarious.

The Dee Dee Ramone Exhibition is being held in Dee Dee's stomping grounds of New York City for the first time ever at the Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery from now through January 1.

Written by AltPress