Well, this feels like a blast from a past. The Brand New/Taking Back Sunday feud was truly one for the ages, and all these years later, in 2015, we’re still learning more.

In a recent interview with O.C. Weekley, TBS frontman Adam Lazzara called BN singer Jesse Lacey a “dick” and “not a good person.”

Read a clip from the interview where Lazzara discusses Lacey below:

When asked about playing a song like “There's No 'I' In Team,” which directly references a longstanding feud with the band Brand New (specifically front man/former Taking Back Sunday bassist Jesse Lacey), Lazzara continues to add fuel to the old fire.

“I think Jesse Lacey is just a dick,” he says. “He just sucks. He's not a good person.”

Lazzarra [sic] goes on

“Who am I to say?”, he says. “There's somebody out there that's gonna say I'm not a good person. I don't know.”

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