[Photo by: Bandai/YouTube]

Before there was the fidget spinner, there was the Tamagotchi. And we’re feeling a ‘90s nostalgia kick hearing the news that our beloved toy will officially be coming back. 

In celebration of Tamagotchi’s 20th anniversary, Bandai America have announced a re-release of the beloved Tamagotchi, available in limited quantities, of course.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve caught word that the Tamagotchi toy would be back. Earlier this year, it was announced that Japan would be selling the special revival toys, but we’ll have a shot at the Tamagotchi toy on November 5 for a mere $14.99.

According to IGN, the toys will be about 60 percent the size of the toys we love and remember. Why the smaller size? They’re supposed to appeal to the kids who first had Tamagotchis in the ‘90s and now have ~real life~ to deal with… Relatable…

“It's not just homework and sports now. It's your full-time jobs, and families and activities. So we wanted to make sure you could have that core play without feeling overwhelmed,” Bandai America Marketing Director Tara Badie told IGN.

Plus, they’ll feature six different designs that replicate the designs from the Japanese launch earlier this year. 

Rolling Stone explain that preorders are supposed to be launching today for the not specified, limited number that are set to be available.

Though this is a teaser from the Japanese re-release earlier this year, it still gets us all hyped for the U.S. Tamagotchi launch:

Tamagotchis were originally released in 1996 in Japan, quickly gained a cult-like following, and were released to the rest of the world in 1997.

How excited would you be to get your hands on a new Tomagatchi? Let us know in the comments below!