It is not exactly controversial to say that musicians and artists have an adoration for Apple products, and the AltPress staff are no different. We all work on Apple computers here at the office and I have definitely tweeted from the AP account on my iPhone a multitude of times (and, admittedly, I have owned just about every apple product released over the last 5 years). So when Apple events roll around, we are definitely paying attention and excited. To that end, I'm bringing you a recap of everything that happened at their event today, including updates to the iPhone, iPod, iOS and more.

Below I've compiled a list of bullet points for each newly introduced item/feature/etc., so you can get a “tl;dr” of the event, or you can head over to any of the following for more in-depth tech coverage from writers who were at the event:

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Liveblogs to recap the entire event: Engadget, Gizmodo, ArsTechnica

Introduced the iPhone 5
-Longer 4-inch IPS display, 1,136 x 640 pixels
-Secondary camera now 1.2 megapixel at 30fps
-Supports LTE data
-New dock connector dubbed “lightning” (more info)
-New A6 process–claimed to be twice as fast as A5 predecessor
-Panorama mode
-Introduced new headphones dubbed “EarPods”
-Same price points and storage on-contract ($199/$299/$399)
-Order September 14, ship September 19

iOS 6 to arrive on September 19th to iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, new iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch
-Includes new Maps application, “Passbook,” tab sharing in Safari and broader Siri support

New iPod Nano
-5.4mm thickness, 2.5-inches across
-New touch display configuration (2 rows of 3)
-Radio function with DVR capabilities (i.e. you can rewind/fast-forward)
-Available for $149 in October
-Sports physical home button like iPod Touch
-Bluetooth connectivity

New iPod Touch
-A5 processor upgrade 
-Wrist-strap loop
-4-inch display like new iPhone 5
-720p video now, iSight branded secondary camera
-Available in black, white, blue, yellow, and red

iPod shuffle received five new colors, but that's it.

You can also head straight to to watch the iPhone 5 video and I'm sure the full event's video will be available within a few days. Anybody else ordering it on Friday? Color me stoked.