[Photo by: Deadpool/20th Century Fox/YouTube, Teen Titans Go!/DC]

This past week saw the realease of the final Deadpool 2 trailer, and it wouldn't be a Deadpool trailer without a little bit of controversy, right?

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During the final movie trailer, Wade Wilson decided to make fun of Cable by asking if he was from the DC Universe saying: “So dark! You sure you’re not from the DC Universe?” Fair question, and pretty funny, but it doesn't seem like the Teen Titans Go gang liked that question too much. 

So, to respond to the trailer, the official Twitter account for Teen Titans GO! Go To The Movies responded to the moment by firing back at Deadpool 2's star Ryan Reynolds with a bit of a dig of their own, reminding Reynolds that he also has a bit of a history with the DC Universe, saying: 

“Hey @VancityReynolds, caught your new @deadpoolmovie trailer,” the tweet reads. “Never forget — before you became a @Marvel character, you were part of the @DCComics universe.”

Attached to the tweet was a gif of John Stewart (voiced by rapper Lil Yachty) telling people that there was in fact a Green Latern film, but “we don't talk about that.” 

Their tweet, of course, was in reference to one of Reynold's past roles, where he starred as Hal Jordan in the 2011 Green Lantern film.

While Reynolds did play in the DC movie, some fans did take to Twitter to remind the Teen Titans Go account that the DC movie wasn't Reynold's first superhero movie. Technically, as many pointed out, Reynolds made his debut as Deadpool—well, a version of Deadpool—in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film before he went to star in the movie “we don't talk about.” 

Their tweet may not have went over as expected, but fans of both did get a chuckle out of it nonetheless. Who knows, maybe Reynolds will even respond.

Be sure to catch Deadpool 2 when it hits theaters May 18 and Teen Titans Go! To The Movies when it debuts on July 27!