Tegan And Sara will be hitting the studio on February 20 to begin recording their new album, according to a new blog post from Tegan Quin:

“We had a lovely holiday and a fresh new year and we’ve been hard at work finishing up writing for our new record. Officially we just finished our 41st song. Don’t worry, there will NOT be 41 songs on the record! PROMISE! And for those that wish they could hear all 41 songs, really? Ha. Even my mom set the limit at 25.

The songs are sounding great and we’re nearly through the song selection process. AND we start recording February 20th! I have no idea how long it’s going to take to finish or when it will come out, but we’ll be updating you as we know things. We’ll be posting a lot while we are in the studio and keeping you up to speed on our antics and progress! So stay tuned and check back here often!”

The duo last released Sainthood in 2009.