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Twitter is in need of a few guinea pigs to test some forthcoming updates and features. However, this time, the social media site is encouraging its testers to publicly share their experiences.

The network is looking for about 1,000 lucky users to try out features that are meant to encourage conversation.

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“We’re making some pretty big changes to the way conversations look and feel on Twitter, and we don’t want to just unveil that one day and what if you don’t like it or it’s not working for you?” director of product management, Sara Haider says in a story with Engadget. “We really want to bring our community along for this journey and be a part of this. We want to this kind of thing more often.”

According to Engadget, Twitter is attempting to roll out organization and context features, such as “icebreaker” tweets that were teased last year.

Additionally, Twitter is looking to improve threads. Oftentimes, viral threads get disorganized. According to Haider, the network is working to make threads more readable. If all goes well, we could see more visually-appealing formats including collapsing replies or indentations.

Of course, if you are chosen to be a part of Twitter’s test, you are going to be asked to provide feedback for the presented features.

Anyone can apply to be a tester for Twitter. However, before you are chosen to get access to forthcoming features, you will have to fill out an application. The application will be released to Twitter users within the next couple of weeks.

The application’s guidelines will be similar to those of the Experiments Program. However, as stated before, users will be able to share what they are seeing with their followers.

Would you ever want to be a tester for Twitter? Sound off in the comments below.

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