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The Driver Era just finished their tour, but it doesn’t look like Rocky and Ross Lynch are slowing down anytime soon. The brother duo released a new music video for their latest single, “Welcome To The End Of Your Life.”

The genre-defying band previously released singles “Preacher Man,” “Afterglow” and “Low.” Their last single,  “Feel You Now,” dropped in March and got its own music video earlier this month.

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“So far, every song we’ve released seems to fit into a different genre than the one we released before it,” Rocky shared in a previous interview with AP. “It branches into that electronic-pop, and then two minutes in, it washes into this Beatles-esque thing.”

When writing, the brothers trust their instincts to “create for the moment,” making “whatever feels right at the time.”

“Sometimes restrictions can be good for creativity,” Ross explains. “But we’re trying not to have any preconceived notions as to what we should create.”

“It just keeps everything fresh,” Rocky continues. “You don’t know what you’re going to get when you’re on our Spotify page, and we really like that.”

They hinted that something would be happening in a tweet yesterday using a line from the song to say, “I hope she likes my moves… something dropping tomorrow.”

The duo previously released “Welcome To The End Of Your Life” with an animated, Mario-esque video.

“‘Welcome To The End Of Your Life’ sounds like a morbid title, but in actuality it’s meant to leave a positive impression on the listener,” Ross says. “Go live your life before it’s too late. Take that chance. Ask her to dance.”

The new stop-motion video tackles the repetitiveness of everyday life, as a two-dimensional Ross wanders through the animated world. He eventually faces off against a malicious entity accompanied by a powerful thunderstorm.

Check out the official video for “Welcome To The End Of Your Life” below.

They’ll be performing at The Fonda Theatre June 22, and tickets are available here.

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