The End of the F***ing World
[Photo by: Clerkenwell Films]

More than a year ago, it was rumored that Netflix’s The End of the F***ing World would be getting a second season.

Now, the show has begun production on it.

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The twitter account @seewhatsnext has tweeted that the production of the second season is well underway.

Many fans of the series tweeted excitedly in response.

The dark comedy follows two teens, James and Alyssa, who form a connection and go on an unforgettable road trip across the UK in search of Alyssa’s real father. While the premise of the show may not sound like something binge-worthy, the added fact that James is a psychopath poses some pretty interesting problems for the two.

Last year, NME reported that actor Alex Lawther (James in the show) recently spoke to JÓN magazine about the possibility of the show getting picked up for a second season. According to Lawther, while the show stopped right where the comic book by Charles Forsman ends, he feels that there is a chance that the show could still continue with the help of the show’s writer Charlie Covell.

“It would give [Covell] a chance to explore something from her imagination,” he added. “I would be very excited about [that] because I think she’s brilliant. So we’ll see, basically.”

There’s been no word on when the season will hit the streaming platform, but we hope it’s soon.

Are you excited for the second season? Sound off in the comments!

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