The Killers release new politically-charged track
Photo by Anton Corbijn

The Killers are teasing their next album by posting what looks like potential song titles for the record on social media. 

The next album will be the follow-up to their 2017 LP Wonderful, Wonderful. 

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The band took to Instagram to post a white board with various words written on it that look like song titles. The potential working titles include “Blowback,” “Party People,” “Spirit of Mystery” and “When Dreams Run Dry.” The board contains 9 other titles with symbols next to them. Also, the band didn’t post a caption, leaving fans to freak out even more in the comments about what it could mean. 

You can see the cryptic post below.  


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Back in April, the band shared yet another cryptic photo of a white board with different ords on it that also appear to be song titles. None of the words on the first board appeared on the one in the new post, however. They captioned that original post “progress abounds,” leading us to believe it had something to do with the next album.

While we know the Killers have been working on a record in some capacity, it looks like we might have to wait a bit longer and put up with a few more cryptic posts before we get to hear it. 

In the meantime, you can listen to their 2017 record below. 

More news about the Killers

The Killers have honored the late co-founder of The Cars, Ric Ocasek, by covering the band’s track “My Best Friend’s Girl”. 

A few weeks ago, the lead singer of the iconic rock band tragically passed away at his home in New York City at the age of 75.

After his death, fellow musicians and artists shared an outpour of love, tributes and condolences for the late singer. From No Doubt to Weezer, many people honored Ocasek, including the Killers vocalist Brandon Flowers. 

Then, the band covered an iconic track from the Cars to pay tribute even more to Ocasek and his contribution to music. The cover took place at the band’s show in Bethlehem, PA. They stopped in the middle of their track “All These Things That I’ve Done” to perform the song. You can see it below.

Flowers has previously spoken about his love for The Cars, as he even initiated the band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018.

How excited are you for the next album from the Killers? Sound off in the comments down below!

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