The Maine

We’ve all wondered how a band got their name a time or two, and thanks to Mark Hoppus, it seems we’ve finally cracked the case on how Arizona’s resident good guys in the Maine, got their name.

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Last Week, blink-182’s Mark Hoppus did some investigating on the Maine’s curious band name. It’s no secret the band’s from Arizona, so after Mark’s great sleuthing, it got everyone wondering what on earth is up with their band name?

Luckily for us, the Maine didn’t make us wait too long for an explanation on their band name.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (Sept. 18,) the band posted a cover from frontman John O’Callaghan with a caption that explains how the Maine’s name came to be:

“It would be way cooler if we had a grand story about how we got our band name but it was really simple. We needed a name before a show we had booked in a week and we loved a song called ‘Coast of Maine’ by a band called Ivory so we went with “The Maine”. John covered the song a few years ago. Some of you might not of heard it. Hope you enjoy!!!!”

See the band’s cover below: