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Over the years, The Simpsons viewers have tuned into the fact that the animated series has seemingly predicted some major world events.

Now, it looks like an old episode may have predicted the Pro-Trump supporters breaching the U.S. Capitol building this week.

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The writers of The Simpsons clearly have a sharp eye for predicting how world politics and trends may unfold. For example, almost two decades ago, the animated show predicted that Donald Trump would eventually become the President. The series also seemingly predicted the Ebola outbreak long before it even happened.

Now, it appears The Simpsons tried to warn us about the events that transpired at the U.S. Capitol this week. On Nov. 1, The Simpsons aired the episode “Treehouse of H orror XXXI” for Halloween 2020. The episode depicts an apocalyptic world on Inauguration Day 2021 after Homer Simpson decides to not vote. Scenes of overturned vehicles, smashed windows and raging fires are shown throughout the episode.

Many fans are relating the episode to this week’s events at the Capitol where four people were killed and lawmakers barricaded themselves in offices.

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A clip of The Simpsons’ episode is available to watch below.

Do you think The Simpsons predicted what happened at the U.S. Capitol or is it just a coincidence? Let us know in the comments below.