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The Word Alive collaborate on ‘League Of Legends’ theme song

The new song “Rise," also featuring Mako and the Glitch Mob, is the theme song for 2018’s ‘League Of Legends’ world championship.

September 26, 2018
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The Word Alive released a new song with the Glitch Mob and Mako titled “Rise.” The new song is the theme song for the 2018 League Of Legends world championship.

Frontman Telle Smith tweeted about the new song, complete with a video they’ve been working on all year.

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“TWA FAMILY, this is it,” Smith says. ”Happy to be joining forces with my friend Mako to sing along with the Glitch Mob absolutely crushing the electronics for this epic #Worlds2018 theme song! We have been working on this and the video all year, go leave some YouTube love.”

League Of Legends is an online game where players can battle each other in arenas. Players can and are encouraged to join leagues and battle each other in teams.

Every year, there’s a world championship where leagues compete for the title of champion. The winning team will also receive a $1 million championship prize to split between the league members.

The music video is meant to be a version of League Of Legends like you’ve never seen before. You can watch the league avatars battle each other with moves seen in the video game, all while this brand-new song from the Word Alive plays in the background.

Smith cited League Of Legends as “one of the most played and most watched games in the history of gaming.” Smith went onto explain how honored he was to be a part of “Rise.”

The Word Alive will head to South Korea in October to perform “Rise” with Mako and the Glitch Mob.

“I’ll be flying with the band accompanying me and the song to South Korea at the end of October to perform the song for a stadium of over 25,000 people and over 50 million people live streaming it,” Smith says. “This is the largest feature of my career, and I can’t wait to hear a stadium of people singing along.”

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The Word Alive released their latest LP Violent Noise earlier this year, featuring their most recent single “Human.” The track stands out with the addition of rapper Sincerely Collins, a new move for the alternative metalcore band.

“If you hear we did a song with a rapper, you’re probably just like, ‘What the hell does that sound like?’” Smith told AP back in May. “But it’s one of our favorite songs on the album.”

Listen to “Rise” and watch the video below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Written by Anna Fair

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