The Wrecks, 2018
[Photo by: Shervin Lainez]

Last week, the Wrecks frontman Nick Anderson made “insensitive jokes” regarding Nazis, abortions, and miscarriages during the band’s set.

Anderson tweeted two responses to the incident, but the singer is now making a second more in-depth “overdue apology.”

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Check out the full statement below.

“Hey everybody, I want to personally address what happened the other night onstage and adress my apology that followed.

“Firstly, I want to explain what happened to those who don’t know. At our show, I made some very tasteless and inappropriate jokes.

“The first was during a break in our set when I was having each section of the crowd cheer by raising my arm with my palm up. I flipped my hand over while the crowd was cheering and then scolded them for cheering for what looked like a Nazi salute. Not cool. Not funny.

“I also made a joke referencing abortion and other very sensitive topics. These jokes were gross and disgusting. I can’t tell you the amount of reflection I’ve done on the matter and how absolutely wrong I was.

“I’ve made jokes like this in the past, and I knew these kinds of things were offensive when I said them. That’s where I thought the humor was. But I was deeply, deeply mistaken and naive to the pain that I caused and the real world implications of normalizing such gross topics. I’ve heard your words, and I am ashamed of myself. I am genuinely sorry.

“Shock humor is cheap, and I was making light of dark situations that I am not personally affected by. I see the wrong in making jokes like these, and I will no longer be a part of it.

“While reflecting on the situation, it’s obvious that my initial attempt to apologize still completely missed the point. I blamed the situation on sarcasm and having a dark sense of humor, instead of taking responsibility for an offensive act. I am here to take responsibility and assure to you that I will continue to learn and grow from this.

“I want to again apologize to anyone who was offended, and justifiably so. I also want to apologize to my band and team. I hope you can forgive me in due time. This will not happen again.

“And I know not everyone will be okay with this apology, and that’s okay. Because remorse does not automatically excuse an action. But I can promise that I have heard you and I see what I’ve done wrong.”

The Wrecks’ show and initial apologies

Footage from the show in question starts out with Anderson asking the crowd to take a small step back to prevent fans from getting smashed up against the barricade.

It then turns into the frontman asking those at the show to pretend one fan is pregnant, stating “later in the show I’m gonna tell you to push forward and she’s gonna have an abortion by accident.”

Another video, surfacing from the same show, shows Anderson doing the Nazi salute while fans cheered. He later says, “What you doing? No, no. Don’t you see what I’m doing you fucking Nazi fucks?”

The original video footage has since been deleted from Twitter, but screen recordings of the incident are still circulating Twitter.

Anderson later took to Twitter to issue an apology, and while the initial apology has since been deleted, you can see screenshots below.

“I made a few insensitive jokes on stage last night. I wanna apologize to those who may have been offended. Obviously I have a very sarcastic sense of humor (shown in every video we release) and it’s never meant to hurt or offend, but last night was foolish. I’m sorry. Love y’all.”

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He also added that he took the joke from Bo Burnham and that his actions “did not come from a place of malice.”

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[Photo via Twitter/wrxnicka]
The scene started to comment on the events, stating that normalizing such gestures is a big part of the problem.

The Wrecks are currently on tour with Badflower and Deal Casino and have an upcoming Christmas show with the Maine and All Time Low on Dec 22.