Science is great. It tells us things about our world. It tells us things about… Heavy metal. 

An ex-physicist data mined the 222,623 songs from 7,364 bands spread over 22,314 albums filling and was able to determine the 20 most commonly used words in the heavy metal genre. 

He also found that the band Pig Destroyer has the most complex lyrics (who knew?) and Five Finger Death Punch wins the “most cursing” award (sorry, Christian bookstores). 

Here's the Top 10 most commonly used words in metal songs:

01. Burn
02. Cries
03. Veins
04. Eternity
05. Breathe
06. Beast
07. Gonna
08. Demons
09. Ashes
10. Soul

The research and all of the work that went into it is both fun and fascinating. See the rest of the list and take a deep dive here