The 1975 have been driving us all crazy with these never ending teasers and cryptic posts, and it looks like the band might have just confirmed the official release date of their forthcoming album. 

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In a matter of a few weeks, the band added a countdown clock to their webpage, posted a cryptic and captionless Instagram photo, and deleted all of their social media accounts. Plus, posters similar to the Instagram post have been popping up around the U.K. that say “First disobey then look at your phones.”

With all of these cryptic updates, we've been a little panicked (honestly, can you blame us?) and it looks like the band may have finally confirmed all of our suspicions that June 1 will be the day that Music For Cars will be released. 

In a tweet made earlier this evening, the band shared a three-picture set of people looking through a VR headset, and in the middle of the photo set, is a series of numbers:





Putting the numbers together, we can only assume that the release date of June 1 has finally been confirmed.

This release date, of course, is something that makes total sense. As previously mentioned, June 1 is the band's date, and it happens to be a Friday, which is when albums are typically released. 

What's more, the band’s manager Jamie Oborne basically confirmed the new era is near. A couple of weeks ago, when a fan tweeted a picture of a pink sky writing, “Evening, the iliwys era is still here.” Oborne replied to the tweet saying, “Yes for a few more days.”

We still haven't gotten a confirmation of a new era, but we did see that vocalist Matt Healy shared his new pastel green hair colors, which has left many fans wondering if this new hair choice be Healy's way of teasing that the band's next era is going to be green hued, following the band's pink-vibing I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it era?

Or, is this hair color just Healy's way of throwing everyone off of what the real era is going to be?! 

Our hearts can't take much more of this teasing! 

The band officially announced their third album last April, but even that caused confusion for fansMusic For Cars is the same title as the band's third EP, which was released in March 2013 and featured “Anobrain,” “Chocolate,” “HNSCC,” “Head.Cars.Bending” and “Me,” but it only made sense to make it an album title too, as Healy explains.

“We’re using it as the album title now because of how meta and self-referential everything has become in the world of The 1975, and Music For Cars was always my favorite title of everything we’d ever done, so it kinda made sense to wrap it up that way,” Healy says of the title.

There's a lot happening for fans of the 1975 and whatever they have coming, we’re so ready.

The band’s second album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, dropped in February 2016. And at the end of last year, the band surprise released their new live album DH00278.

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