Fans of the 1975 should get excited: Frontman Matty Healy has confirmed a debut record for Drive Like I Do, a “separate entity” from the 1975.

“The 1975 and Drive Like I Do are separate entities,” he tweeted.

Check out his Twitter-official announcement below!

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In his series of tweets, he did confirm that the 1975’s new album, Music For Cars, is still in the works, but the debut Drive Like I Do record is set for release “during spring time in the coming few years.”

Fans of the 1975 will recognize the name: Drive Like I Do came before the 1975, and it looks like they’ll be headed back to their roots for this release. Listen to Drive Like I Do's “Lost Boys” below (although, according to a tweet from last fall, this track won't be on the album…):

And the band are also returning to their roots for their new the 1975 album as well. Titled Music For Cars, it is also the name of the band’s 2013 EP, featuring “Anobrain,” “Chocolate,” “HNSCC,” “Head.Cars.Bending” and “Me.”

Healy confirmed this will be the title of the new album, along with mentioning that it shares the name as their EP.

And if you read his “final installment” tweet and felt fear for the 1975’s future, no worries. NME reports that Healy described how the record will be the “end of an era”: “It’s always been called that and we were always going to do a trilogy of records. I’m not saying that after this record it’s the end of The 1975 but it’s definitely the end of an era.”

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