The 1975 have been driving us crazy with teasers and cryptic posts as we anxiously await new music. Luckily, we might have gained a small insight to hold us over after a fan asked a crucial question on Twitter…

What will Music For Cars sound like?

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Jamie Oborne, the band's manager, took to Twitter earlier today to answer fans' questions, giving us a tiny glimpse into what the future may hold for the band. Fans jumped at the opportunity, asking about everything from merch to anniversary feels.

New merch?! Yes please.

Ugh. Our hearts.

Fans also tried to get a bit more information on Music For Cars.

Oborne even gave fans a hint as to what MFC will sound like.

We are SO ready!

This sneak peek comes after Matty Healy's reveal of his incredible purple locks just a couple days ago, and his cryptic “122 days” tweet from the day before.

And what's in 122 days from the date on Healy's post? 1st June. 

Would it make sense to release Music For Cars on that day? Of course. June 1 is the band's date, and it happens to be a Friday, when albums are typically released.

However, that date had previously been teased for the 1975's new EP, What A Shame. A fan asked the Oborne, on Twitter: “When can we expect the What A Shame ep.”

And he responded with the most likely date any the 1975 fan would expect: “We are figuring out best plan now. The only date we have mentioned is June 1st. Xx.”

1st June is the most important date for any fan of the 1975—whether the release date ends up being June 1 or not. (“What a shame” is a popular lyric from the band, too, popping up in the band's tracks “Love Me,” “Paris” and “The Ballad Of Me & My Brain.”)

Earlier this year, frontman Healy teased the EPs release ahead of their third album. But with a possible June 1 release date, that would put the EP behind the release of the predicted release date of the band's new album, which has an April 27 release date, according to The Guardian.

So what exactly is the timeline? We're not sure. But we're ready for any surprises to come our way—as they do.

How excited are you for Music For Cars? Let us know in the comments below!