The 1975 might be trying to send fans into a frenzy.

After days of teasing, the band uploaded a countdown clock to their website, which could mean new music is coming very soon!

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These past weeks have been busy on the 1975 front. After posting a cryptic and captionless Instagram photo, the band deleted all of their social media accounts. Plus, posters similar to the Instagram post have been popping up around the U.K. that say “First disobey then look at your phones.”

The band’s manager Jamie Oborne basically confirmed the new era is near. Last week when a fan tweeted a picture of a pink sky writing, “Evening, the iliwys era is still here.” Oborne replied saying, “Yes for a few more days.”

As if all that wasn't enough, vocalist Matt Healy appeared with pastel green hair colors leaving fans wondering what it all means.

Now, the 1975 have added a countdown clock to the front page of their website.

Currently (May 1, 9 p.m. EST), we are around 29 days apart from what the band is teasing. Does that mean there's new music from the band's upcomig record Music For Cars coming on June 1?

It all started with vocalist Healy shared a picture on Instagram with the link to the 1975's website.

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In addition to the clock, some videos show up on the background from time to time—including a snippet of Ed Sheeran's “Shape Of You” video—which could mean we're getting not only getting a song, but  newalso a music video.

Fans also noted some posters around the band's website. Could they be hitting at song titles?


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Healy is all about the teasing, of course. At the end of January, he tweeted “122 days.”

And what was in 122 days? 1st June. (The 1975. We had to.)

Would it make sense to release Music For Cars on that day? Of course. June 1 is the band's date, and it happens to be a Friday, when albums are typically released.

However, that date had previously been teased for the 1975's new EP, What A Shame. A fan asked the band's manager, Jamie Oborne, on Twitter: “When can we expect the What A Shame ep.”

And he responded with the most likely date any the 1975 fan would expect: “We are figuring out best plan now. The only date we have mentioned is June 1st. Xx.”

1st June is the most important date for any fan of the 1975—whether the release date ends up being June 1 or not. (“What a shame” is a popular lyric from the band, too, popping up in the band's tracks “Love Me,” “Paris” and “The Ballad Of Me & My Brain.”)

Last month, Healy uploaded three cryptic posts with captions that vary, but all mention “NEW THE 1975 FUTURE NOW.”




And the band deleted months of posts from social media, only leaving a post showing the first official Music For Cars teaser, released July 14 of last year.

New the 1975 music is on the day—and we can't wait to hear what's coming.