If you grew up through the 1990s, you no doubt remember JNCO, the absurdly baggy jeans that made your legs look like tree trunks—a true antithesis to the skinny jeans fad of more recent years. You either wore them or you were surrounded by them; either way, there was no escaping JNCO—sometimes literally, because you just couldn't get out of them.

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After peaking in the late '90s, the Los Angeles-based company mostly shuttered, but JNCO has returned and they've brought the massive jeans back to life with what they're calling The Heritage Collection. Ranging from roughly $40 to $70 a pair, there are shorts and eight different pairs of jeans to choose from, all up for pre-order right now. Set to ship out in December, you can choose from various graphics and leg opening sizes (23″, 26″ and 32″) so you can swim in the sea of denim you want.

So, what do you think…can JNCO make a prominent comeback? Will you drop $70 on a new pair of “Mammoth” jeans, or do you still have some lying around from your angsty youth that you plan to dust off and take for a spin? 

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