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We got an update from the Academy Is…, and it's a seriously cool—and important—one. Bassist Adam Siska explains that his family has been hit hard by Hurricane Irma, and in an attempt to raise money to help them rebuild, he’s giving away his bass.

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Of course, it’s not just any bass. It’s his Fender P-Bass, which was actually a gift from Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, gifted to him while the Academy Is… were touring with FOB in the UK in 2006.

And this isn’t like most contests. There is no minimum to win, as he wants to make this available to anyone—even those who may not be able to afford it. “With ANY donation to our GoFundMe, you will have a chance to win this piece of EMO history,” Siska writes.

The proceeds will be going to help put his family back in their homes, and if you’re interested in winning—and supporting a good cause—you can donate to his Gofundme here!

Read his full statement below:

Win the Siska/ Wentz Fender B-Bass!!

Hello TAI community, It’s Adam T. Siska
As some of you may know, members of my family lost their homes when Hurricane’s Irma and Maria hit the Virgin Islands in September. Through GoFundMe I was able to raise some money to help purchase building materials to rebuild. Unfortunately we did not reach our fundraising goal, so I am here to make a final plea for help on behalf of my family.

I am offering up my Fender P-Bass that I played on stage with TAI from 2006-2010. The bass was a gift from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz while TAI was touring with them in the UK in the spring of 2006. You can see the bass featured in their video for the song “Dance Dance” as well as in the TAI video for “The Phrase that Pays.” I considered auctioning the bass, but I would rather it go to so who maybe can’t afford it, or perhaps as a Christmas gift to someone who would love it. With ANY donation to our GoFundMe, you will have a chance to win this piece of EMO history. I will also be sending out some band merch from TAI’s storage to donors as well. Please share this and help me on my final quest to put my family back in their homes!

With love and gratitude, 
-Adam T. Siska

Our thoughts go out to Siska and his family as they continue their recovery efforts.

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