The All-American Rejects return with “There’s A Place”—listen

October 30, 2015
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The All-American Rejects have returned with a new song, titled “There's A Place,” which is taken from the upcoming film, Miss You Already. Check out the track, along with an accompanying music video, below. Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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“The production put me up in a quaint but isolated flat in West Kensington, and I had nothing but a ukulele to keep me busy when I wasn’t on set,” says frontman Tyson Ritter. “My first day of work I met Toni and watched her playing Milly, a wife and a mother of two, who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. As heavy of a subject that is to discuss, let alone portray, I was immediately awestruck by Toni’s bravery. After my first day on set, I had this ringing in my ear. Having not composed a piece of music for over a year at that point, I didn’t recognize that I was hearing a melody. With that melody, came the words. Immediately I knew what it was, it was a song for Milly, a song that was written as a goodbye note to her loved ones. ‘There’s A Place’ is something I’m very proud of as it came from the purest center of myself. As soon as I finished the demo, I sent it to Catherine and she was into it, and as simple as that, it was in the movie.”

Miss You Already is scheduled to hit a theater near you November 6.

Written by AltPress