According to a new survey of 3,000 people by Edison Research, the average American is listening to roughly four hours and five minutes of music each day. Edison’s “Share Of Ear” study points out that the audio consumed mostly comes from AM/FM radio (52 percent); owned music like downloads, vinyl and CDs (20 percent); streaming services like Spotify and Beats (12 percent); satellite radio (8 percent); and TV music channels (5%).

Edison Research president Larry Rosin says the results demonstrate that audio is “the hottest space in the world of media.” While these statistics represent the average American, it might be safe to assume that “AM/FM radio” would be a much smaller source of music for the average AP reader, with digital music files and CDs taking the lead.

Do you listen to four hours each day? More? Check out a chart from the study below, and let us know your thoughts.