[Photo by: Luoming Wu/Pinterest]

Twenty One Pilots fans always blow us away, and this time isn’t any different. The Clique just wanted pizza with Josh Dun—so they got it trending on Twitter.

It left us with one question, of course: What kind of pizza would Josh Dun want?

See what went down below!

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It’s not the first time fans have gotten something super amazing trending on Twitter, but this time around we really want to be a part of it. Pizza with Josh Dun? Let’s make it happen.

It started out with a tweet from @Don_tTouchMe.

And then Sam’s Club got involved:

We happen to think Josh Dun is a plain cheese kind of guy—but it hasn’t been confirmed. (Josh, what kind of pizza do you like?)

And we happen to agree with Sam’s Club—this truly would be the event of the year:

While we wait for Josh’s response to this epic pizza party, we want to ask you: What kind of pizza do you think Josh Dun likes best?

Let us know in the comments below!

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