Fans of the Dangerous Summer might just have something to look forward to. The band, who had recently had an active Twitter presence, just did the opposite—and deleted it all.

So what could it mean?

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In its place, they’ve left static images as their header and profile picture, leaving us wondering what this might actually mean.

The band formed back in 2006 and released three full-length records: 2009’s Reach For The Sun, 2011’s War Paint and 2013’s Golden Record, along with 2011’s An Acoustic Performance Of Reach For The Sun.

Frontman AJ Perdomo left the band in March 2014, citing difficulties with Cody Payne as a driving force behind the decision.

“I’ve had a hard time sticking with Cody through this for a very long time, and there’s now a complete disconnect,” he wrote.

“I’m sad to let something go that has been such a blessing, and inspiration. Every one of you that came to the shows, sang along, and got tattoos of my words on your body; it is something that I’ll always carry with me. That was it for me, the Mecca of it all. You made me believe in myself and my abilities. You carried us to a place that we never imagined we could go. We started this band in high school, and did everything we set out to do plus some. 

The Dangerous Summer met its end shortly after Perdomo left the band in the spring of 2014, taking to social media to confirm the split.

“To keep you all informed (accurately and unbiased) we are here to let you all know what the real deal is with TDS. Yes we are no longer a band. We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for letting us travel the world, create albums, and meet some of the coolest people and musicians on the planet.”

Back in 2015, Payne was arrested for burglary, as well as a handful of false statement charges, including false statement on lottery, property/credit between $1,500 and $20,000 and false statement to obtain credit.

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